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Laura H. Kirkpatrick

Patches S. Kensington

Grist Mill Lane

Stanfordville, New York


Years ago, as a budding young equestrian, I worked with a trainer that not only helped to build the platform for my future success in the show ring but imparted upon me many pearls of wisdom. Several of these “pearls” have become a part of my personal life as well as our philosophy at

Patches S. Kensington Creative.

One such pearl is

“you only have one chance to make a first impression.”

Our services are designed with that in mind. Whether designing a room or an entire home, staging properties for resale, filling a home with the perfect touches to celebrate a holiday or a special event, or ensuring that when you walk thru the door with your guests in tow you are ready to enjoy the weekend…….the fridge is stocked & your kitchen is filled with the aroma of fresh baked cookies,              

plated & ready to enjoy.

Our attention to detail, passion for all that we love & the partnership we provide to our clients allows us to complete each project knowing that the result will leave a warm & welcoming impression.

Patches S. Kensington Creative, LLC.

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